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Music Theory Resources:

A few resources those who study music or music theory may be interested in:



A program to explore and learn music theory, using the concepts I write about here.

Online Musical Scales

To learn more about tuning and how it may not follow the Circle of Fifths as one would expect, search "meantone" to find many excellent articles. I don't have any one particular article I like more than others. Just be prepared for some fairly technical articles.


Chris Ford presents "Function Composition" using Clojure.

Combinatorial Music Theory

Entertaining / Thought-Provoking:

Everything is a Remix

Rob Paravonian's Rant Against Pachabel

Benjamin Zander: The Transformative Power of Classical Music


The AB Guide to Music Theory Vol 1 by Eric Taylor

The AB Guide to Music Theory Vol 2 by Eric Taylor

Solo Guitar Playing - Book 1, 4th Edition by Frederick Noad (Not exactly music theory, but it is the best book on learning guitar notation that I'm aware of)

Piano Playing: With Piano Questions Answered by Josef Hoffman