{:Code Redux}

{:Code Redux} is a programming blog written by David Toomey

{:Code Redux} is written in Clojure although it is really a glorified HTML site with no database.

Who is David?

I live in Austin, TX, silently working on my projects and working the open mic circuit when my guitar isn't sounding like a fog horn. Yes, I'm available for work.

Other Projects:

Butter Notes A place to expore and learn music theory. This site uses the concepts I write about in this blog.

ItemHut Open Source Inventory, CRM, Order Management System.

My github -- You can find the code for limit heads up poker bots, Item Hut, and coderedux.com.

Can I use the code from the Music Theory Articles?

Yes. The code is free to use as you please. If you really need a license, consider it under the WTFPL.

Can I create a guest article on {:Code Redux}?

Yes, I would be happy to post articles on any programming topic or any topic that is related to the articles here, as long as it meets the quality standards found on this site.

Advertise on {:Code Redux}:

If you'd like to advertise on {:Code Redux}, feel free to contact me at [email protected]